Corporate governance

Quince Capital strives to be a good corporate citizen in all aspects of its operations and business dealings.

We value the principles of honesty, integrity, openness, accountability and transparency.  With these in mind, we ensure:

  • high standards of service excellence; and
  • fair treatment of employees and customers

We measure our successes and failures annually through customer and staff satisfaction surveys.

Internal Controls and Audits

Quince Capital has been ISO 9001-2000 certified since December 2006.  Internal audits are conducted periodically to ensure that staff maintains the quality procedures implemented.  SABS external audits are conducted bi-annually to ensure that the company conforms to the requirements to ISO 9001-2000 international standards.

Quince Capital forms part of the Reunert Ltd annual internal risk audit which entails the review of financial reporting structures and information systems and records.  A bi-annual risk assessment is also performed.

Employment Equity

Quince is committed to providing equal opportunities to all workers and job applicants.

The company goes through a BBBEE certification audit annually conducted by a registered rating agency.

Corporate Social Investment

Quince Capital does not believe in just donating money but encourages staff to donate their time to engage in community projects that will make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.